3 Ways to Make More Money From Mobile

By — 03.23.15

Adlucent recently released our latest white paper, “3 Ways to Make More Money From Mobile”. Mobile ad spend has increased dramatically–but what about revenue? Are you disappointed with the performance of your mobile ad program? You may be undervaluing its true contribution to sales.



In this latest white paper we address why you should invest in mobile, even if you’re not seeing the direct return. Adlucent CEO Michael Griffin shares expert tips for optimizing mobile ads for cross-device conversions, micro-conversions, and in-store sales. You’ll learn how to:

•  Use Google’s Estimated Cross-Device Conversion tool to measure your ads impact across various devices

• Optimize bids and budgets based off of your cross-device estimates

• Value and track micro-conversions

• Measure the impact digital is having on your in-store sales

For more insights into how to optimize your strategy and make more money on mobile, download our complimentary report here.

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